UK White Christmas forecast: Britain facing 14 days of snow as -5C Canadian blast hits

UK Weather: Met Office forecast 'unsettled' conditions

Most of the UK is predicted to be hit with ferocious sub-zero lows on Christmas Day as low pressure from the Atlantic brings bitterly cold air from Canada. Central Scotland could see lows of -5C on Christmas Day itself, with northern parts of England including Liverpool likely to see -3. And southern regions including London and Southampton may also be hit with chilly lows of -1C, according to Netweather maps.

A fresh layer of snow is also expected to settle in Scotland from Wednesday and linger over a 14 day period until Tuesday, December 29, WXCHARTS’ latest snow depth models suggest.

Western Scotland will be battered with the heaviest levels of snow on the 29, with the maps showing four inches.

Freezing air will push over the UK from a western direction, according to WXCHARTS, bringing lows of -4C in Scotland on the same day.

Brian Gaze from the Weather Outlook predicted northern parts of the UK are looking at a 75 percent chance of snow on Christmas Day.

He added southern regions may also get a blast on the big day with a 35 percent chance of a “picture postcard scene”.

He told “Computer models are increasingly pointing towards colder weather returning for the Christmas period.

“The details remain uncertain at this range but parts of the UK could see falling snow (often used as the definition of a White Christmas) on the big day.

“The latest data available to me suggests a 75 percent chance of snow falling somewhere in the northern half of the UK and a 35 percent chance for the southern half of the UK.

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“The chance of accumulating snow giving a picture postcard scene remains lower but definitely not out of the question at this stage.

“At the moment high ground – in the Pennines and Scottish Highlands – in the northern half of the UK remains favoured.”

The Met Office warned of wintry weather over the festive week.

The long-range forecast for December said: “Towards the end of next week, there is a greater chance of more settled conditions, mainly in the north and east, accompanied by increasing incidence of frost and fog.

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“Rain or showers becoming less frequent and tending to become focussed across southern and western parts.

“Wintriness most likely confined to higher ground, but there remains a chance of snow temporarily to low levels.

The BBC’s weather forecast for next week added the cold front is expected to come from the north-west Atlantic.

It said: “Some unusually cold air for the time of year is likely over Canada during mid-December and this may linger into the Christmas week. Very cold air here, combined with the residual warmth of the north-west Atlantic ocean, helps to accelerate the jet stream.

“This is a high altitude belt of westerly winds above the north Atlantic. The jet stream will frequently be aimed straight at the UK, so this will help to steer the low pressure areas our way.

“Temperatures in the lead up to Christmas will be near or above the long term average.

“Northern areas could get the odd chilly night with a touch of frost, between the fronts.”

The forecast added northern parts of the UK have a chance of waking up to snow on Christmas Day.

It said: “Rainfall amounts start to become a concern, especially across Wales and the south-west of England.

“At the moment, no individual rainfall event looks especially severe. Rather, it will be the steady accumulation of rainfall and saturation of the ground during December that threatens some flooding by this time.

“Could we see a white Christmas? For most of us this seems unlikely, but for the higher ground in the north there is a better chance than in the last couple of years.

“Some recent forecast computer models suggest cold air could push south towards the UK by December 26 and 27, but the signal is still not conclusive.

“Widespread UK snowfall seems very unlikely on Christmas Day itself, but some higher areas in the northern half of the UK have a slight chance.”

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