Ukraine forces erupt in cheers as Russian helicopter shot down by anti-tank missile

Russian helicopter appears to be shot down by Ukrainian forces

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The video shows images of Ukrainian soldiers celebrating their successful attempt at shooting down a Russian helicopter flying close to a Ukrainian military base. Air attacks from Russia, as repeatedly stated by President Volodymir Zalensky, represent one of the major threats to Ukraine, but a no-fly zone from the West is not an option.

In the footage, a Ukrainian soldier can be seen focussing his aim on the Russian helicopter target, and once shot down shouting proud “davai” confirming the successful attempt.

Ukrainian soldiers sitting close to the shooter and observing the scene from a close distance can be immediately heard bursting into cheers.

The cheers and shouts of joy following the successful shooting confirm the position taken by President Zalensky on air attacks from Russia.

The Ukrainian President, in fact, since the beginning of the conflict has always referred to air attacks as some of the major threats played on Ukrainians, both soldiers and civilians unable to flee the country.

Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko also shared President Zalensky’s position on Russian attacks from the sky, considering these as one of the main threats during the conflict.

A no-fly zone guaranteed by the West, much discussed in the weeks following the beginning of the war, would help Ukraine.

In a military context, a no-fly zone, also known as air exclusion zone, prevents military aircrafts from entering a specific airspace.

A no-fly zone, in fact, besides significantly decreasing the number of Russian aircraft entering the Ukrainian airspace, would, in particular, allow Ukrainian civilians still in Ukraine to flee the country, without the danger of being threatened from the sky by Russia.

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A no-fly zone would prevent a “humanitarian catastrophe” but NATO and other Western counties have repeatedly opposed the implementation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Biden however warned such military action would mean NATO entering the conflict.

This, as also stated by the same Putin, would translate into an immediate global conflict, which would see NATO and Russia at war against each other.

Despite the sanctions put in place against Russia and military and humanitarian aid provided to Ukraine by the West over the last weeks, Zalensky reiterates the importance of a no-fly zone over the Ukrainian airspace.


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Since the beginning of the conflict, NATO countries have provided Ukraine with military and humanitarian aid.

Military troops from the West, however, have not been sent into Ukrainian territory.

Such action, similarly to a no-fly zone over Ukraine, as claimed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Biden, would translate into an act of engagement of the West in the conflict.

Besides a no-fly zone, the Ukrainian President is also asking NATO for a complete ban on Russian planes.

Such requests from Ukraine only confirm the threat that air attacks from Russia play on the Ukrainian population and cities.

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