Ukraine war horror as Russian soldiers bodies left to ROT in street near Kyiv

Russian soldiers look ‘desperate’ says Ukrainian

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With the war now entering its fourth month since Russian troops invaded its southern neighbour, reports have revealed significant losses for Moscow soldiers. Up to 23,000 Russian troops, many of whom were young conscripts, have been killed by Ukrainian defence forces in the bloody war.

Now, weeks after leaving the area, and focusing efforts on eastern Ukraine and the Donbas region, the remains of Russian soldiers are now being discovered near Kyiv.

According to reports by Ukrainian officials, Moscow has shown little interest in repatriating the bodies of its troops.

Experts have speculated the bodies of Russian troops were buried to hide the evidence of the exact numbers of losses experienced by the Kremlin.

Reports have now shown up to 137 bodies in white sacks have been witnessed stacked up in a refrigerated mobile mortuary on a train near the outskirts of Kyiv.

Attempts are now being made to identify the rotting corpses using artefacts and clues upon the bodies.

Putin’s entire rationale for invading Ukraine was to protect Russian minorities in the east of the nation, claiming “We don’t abandon our own”, however, the fact bodies are being left to rot shows the slogan has no spine.

Speaking to the BBC, a Ukrainian colonel, Volodymyr Liamzin said: “The bodies we’ve found show they treat people like rubbish, as cannon fodder.

“They don’t need their soldiers.

“They throw them here, retreat – and leave the bodies.”

However, in spite of the many bodies abandoned by Russia, some were requested during a body swap between Moscow and Kyiv.

Colonel Liamzin said: “We did do one swap.

“We’re ready to give them all back, we want our own dead returned too.

“We knock on every door there is, but there is no response, no dialogue.”

Much like the crude burial of Russian troops as they attempted to hide true figures, some claim Ukraine has also been sketchy about losses of their own.

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The retreat of Russian forces from central and northern Ukraine also led to hundreds of civilians being killed, amid claims of war crimes.

Mass graves in the suburb of Bucha, as well as numerous reports of similar atrocities around Ukraine, show more attempts at cover-ups.

The first Russian soldier to be arrested for war crimes has been charged and sentenced to life by a Ukrainian court.

Calls are being made across the international community to see Putin brought to trial for his leadership in the war, with many accusing him of war crimes.

Why has Putin abandoned his dead soldiers? Will this affect his future leadership? Has he lost the support of his troops? Let us know what you think by CLICKING HERE and joining the debate in our comments section below – Every Voice Matters!

Aside from human losses, Russia has lost billions of pounds worth of military hardware.

Reports suggest hundreds of helicopters and aircraft were destroyed, as well as over 1,000 tanks.

Many Ukrainians stop at the charred remains of Russian tanks and aircraft for souvenir photos of the incident in a bid to remind themselves of the hard-fought defence of their nation.

Economically, Russia has been hit with extreme punitive measures seeing many large multi-national corporations leaving, and ceasing trade with Moscow.

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