Ukrainian parents write names on childrens backs in case they are orphaned

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Mum Sasha shared the chilling image on Instagram to show the lengths parents go to protect their children. She used black marker to “tattoo” two-year-old Vira with her name, contact details and date of birth – November 10, 2019.

Sasha took the drastic step on the day Putin ordered his invasion, with her hands “trembling very much”.

She added that Vira’s name – which means faith in Ukrainian – was clearly written “in case something happened to us, and someone would pick her up as a survivor”. Sasha revealed that she and Vira have since reached safety.

Another picture showed a hand-written contact card she had placed in Vira’s jacket pocket.

It prompted one parent to reply: “On the first day of the war I did the same for my three-year-old son. Although we are now with him in England, the paper is always with him.”

Prior to the invasion, Ukrainian parents sent their children to school with stickers showing their blood group.

Last month lone 11-year-old boy travelled 700 miles from Ukraine to Slovakia with a phone number on his hand.

At least 158 children have been killed in the conflict.

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