Ukrainian TikToker shows daily life amid Russian invasion as explosions hit city

An Ukrainian influencer has shared her firsthand account of life in wartime on TikTok and showed what her daily life has been like since Russia invaded the country.

University student Dzvinka Hlibovytska, 18, has documented the impact of the war when cities are getting hit by heavy shelling.

In her videos, she explained her day in the western city of Lyiv is on a repeated schedule.

"From 8am to 10am, wake up, eat and get dressed. From 10am to 12pm, I pack an emergency bag to take with me as I get to a volunteer point," Dzvinka says.

"From then till night, my volunteering work includes cyber attacking and sorting humanitarian aid, but sometimes I have to hide from bombing."

Since then, she received waves of responses from online viewers who showed support to her in the comments.

People from all over the world sent prayers to Dzvinka and other Ukrainians, some checked in on her TikTok every day to ask for updates.

Dzinka explained she wanted to stay behind to help her country as she gave thanks for the viewers' support.

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She added: "Our government promised us that internet, electricity and water will be running a usual.

"They're doing everything possible for that. Let's kill Russian propaganda and spread the truth.

"I believe we will win this war, the truth is on our side! The world is with us. Thank you for your support."

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Meanwhile, a Brit tourist faced backlash when he travelled to Ukraine to carry out "charitable work".

Miles Routledge, who previously had to be evacuated from Afghanistan, told GB News on Friday that he has done better work than average journalists in Ukraine as he saved a family of six and gave donations to people in need.

He justified his reason for heading to the war zone saying he wanted to do his own little independent journalism better than mainstream media.

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