Ukrainian woman who downed drone with jar of tomatoes vows to stay and fight

A heroic Ukrainian woman who managed to destroy a drone by throwing a jar of tomatoes and plums at the weapon has said she will stay to fight Russian forces.

The woman, now identified as Elena, was smoking on the balcony of her flat in Kyiv when a drone suddenly appeared.

Elena saw the drone appear out of nowhere and used the can to attack the device before it could potentially fire on her.

Her story became famous all over the internet as it went viral on social media with many calling her a legend.

Elena has since been tracked down by Ukrainian news site, who is believed to be part of a group of civilians taking a stand against Russia’s aggressive activities and vows to stay in the capital.

Speaking to the news outlet in Ukraine, she said: “That's why I'm not going anywhere from Kyiv. I decided so instantly. This is my home, my land. I will stand, gnaw, fight, fight. All that is necessary."

The rumours of heroics spread quickly online but there were discrepancies to her story with the product used to take down the drone.

Initially, reports suggested it had been cucumbers that felled the drone but it was in fact a jar of Elena’s favourite canned goods.

According to her conversation with, Elena happened to have a jar of tomatoes and plums under her chair when the drone appeared.

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She thought it was a bird at first as she had never seen or heard a drone up close before.

Elena said: “Probably out of fear. Because I was scared. And what if they start firing at me from there! What a pity for those tomatoes. I don't know where the fables about cucumbers came from."

Russia began its invasion of Ukraine on February 24 and has continued to cause death and destruction across the country.

According to a senior U.S. defence official speaking anonymously to Reuters, Russian President Vladimir Putin has now deployed nearly 100% of the 150,000 forces that he had pre-staged outside the country before the invasion.

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Meanwhile, UK defence minister Ben Wallace said that Britain would support Poland if it decided to provide Ukraine with fighter jets.

Wallace told Sky News: “We would protect Poland, we'll help them with anything that they need.

“Poland will understand that the choices they make will not only directly help Ukraine, which is a good thing, but also may bring them into direct line of fire from countries such as Russia or Belarus.”

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