UKs first immersive fairground bar arrives with slick games and enormous prizes

If you’ve ever pined for an authentic fairground experience but have decided on balance you’d rather not spend a rainy evening in a field – you’re in luck.

In what is surely one of the most audacious moves into the event space yet, a company in Canary Wharf, London have opened up a fairground-themed bar with prizes you wouldn’t believe.

The team behind Fairgame claim that the attraction is the ‘ first of its kind indoor immersive fairground experience’ and thanks to savvy technology they could be right.

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When the Daily Star visited earlier this month, the team were greeted and shown the ropes on the fairground's fancy integrated phone systems.

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This allows you to choose and mould your own teams as well as keep a constant eye on the scoreboards.

The colourful arena is jam-packed full of games ranging from whac-a-mole and roll-a-ball derby to duck shoot and water gun clown.

And unlike in other fairgrounds where you have to pay for each attraction, the Fairgame £13 price of entry entitles your group to two goes on each discipline.

After dominating on the horse races, the team were presented with a frankly ludicrous-sized pink teddy bear which drew admiring glances on the tube.

Flushed with success, all there was left to do was tuck into the assortment of amazing street food offerings that permeate the bar.

Fairgame? Completed it mate!

For full details and to book, please visit

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