UKs most dangerous plant causes horror blisters, skin burns and blindness

The most dangerous plant in Britain, which can cause severe blistering, skin burns and even blindness is set for an appearance during the hotter days of this year.

With temperatures set to rise and reports indicating Britain could be on track for its hottest summer yet, Brits are being warned of the dangerous plant that could crop up.

Rising temperatures have increased the existence of the threatening plant, which is responsible for horrific blistering and blindness in some cases.

Hogweed plants, which can grow to a staggering 23ft tall can cause the awful third-degree burns as well as ulcers and blindness.

Rural parts of the country such as Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Somerset are set to be hit worst of all by the menacing Hogweed plants.

Parents are warned to stay vigilant and keep their children away from the plants and avoid touching the Hogweed, which one River Trust expert described as "the most dangerous plant in Britain."

Several cases in the past have led to some horrific injuries, with life changing results for those that have come into contact with the poisonous plant, which is said to have toxins that are extremely painful to touch.

Dean Simmons was left with life-changing injuries when brushing against one of the plants back in 2015.

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At the time of the incident, Simmons, a horticulturist, said: "I feel so stupid – because of my job. I had knowledge of this plant and was still caught out. I was out fishing and didn't see it until it was too late – and a day later I was on morphine."

Hogweed plants are said to kill off rival native plants by growing so fast that it blocks out the sunlight other plants need.

The dangerous Hogweed plant can often be found along rivers and canals, with the plants containing toxic chemicals known as photosensitising furanocoumarins, which react when light contacts the skin.

Blistering can begin within 48 hours of brushing past the Hogweed.

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