Ursula von der Leyen to use all the powers to enforce EU law in Poland

Germany calls on Poland to "fully" implement EU law

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Over the weekend, Poland saw a number of rallies held in response to a court ruling that said key EU laws were “incompatible” with the Polish constitution. The ruling raised concerns Poland could follow Britain and leave the EU.

However, the Polish government has denied having such intentions.

Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, defended the ruling and said his party had no plans for Polexit.

He wrote on Facebook: “This is a harmful myth, which the opposition uses for its own lack of ideas about Poland’s responsible place in Europe.”

Following Poland’s ruling, the EU Commission chief issued a statement saying the bloc would use “all the powers” they have to ensure the principles of the Union’s legal order are maintained.

Ms von der Leyen said: “I am deeply concerned by yesterday’s ruling of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal.

“I have instructed the Commission’s services to analyse it thoroughly and swiftly.

“On this basis, we will decide on next steps.”

She added: “We will uphold the founding principles of our Union’s legal order.

“Our 450 million Europeans rely on this.

“We will use all the powers that we have under the treaties to ensure this.”

The EU Commission chief added it was the “utmost priority… to ensure that the rights of Polish citizens are protected and that Polish citizens enjoy the benefits granted by membership of the European Union, just like all citizens of our Union.”

She continued: “EU citizens as well as companies doing business in Poland need the legal certainty that EU rules, including rulings of the European Court of Justice, are fully applied in Poland.

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“Our Treaties are very clear.

“All rulings by the European Court of Justice are binding on all Member States’ authorities, including national courts.

“EU law has primacy over national law, including constitutional provisions.

“This is what all EU Member States have signed up to as members of the European Union.”

Following the protests, the European Commission and its President have been urged to crack down on Mr Morawiecki’s nation.

Writing in his latest column in the German news outlet, RND, journalist Damir Fras, called on the EU Commission to take “tough action” against Poland.

He argued no money should be transferred from Brussels to Warsaw.

Mr Fras wrote: “The European Commission must now take tough action.

“EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has no other choice.

“As long as Poland does not recognise the primacy of EU law, no money may be transferred from Brussels to Warsaw.

“It will be painful for the pro-EU people in Poland.

“But it may make them look for an alternative to the ideologues who are currently ruling them.

“The next elections are in two years.”

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