US drone pilot leaks footage of kills in Afghanistan and reveals wayward strike killed kid

Afghanistan: US pilot shares footage of 2019 drone strikes

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Spine chilling drone footage has documented a series of US missile strikes in Afghanistan amid claims by one former pilot that civilians were mistakenly killed. The drone operator was active in the skies over Helman province in 2019 hunting for Taliban. A number of drone pilots have now spoken out amid the chaos of the fall of Kabul and the mass evacuation of Western-linked Afghan personnel. Now critical of the tactics used during the conflict, another operator blasted the widespread use of drones as “killing for the sake of killing.”

The leaked recording was published by the website Connecting Vets alongside diary entries written by the drone pilots themselves.

“The drone strikes were punitive,” argued one such drone operator

“Killing for the sake of killing,” he stressed.

A second pilot remarked: “It’s nihilistic, there is no point. 

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“It was clear that we were not making a difference.”

Elsewhere another entry details a horrific incident that saw an innocent Afghan family blown up by coalition forces.

“My productivity today was derailed. We killed two innocent men and a charger,” penned the pilot, using military jargon in place of child.

“They were on a motorcycle and by dumb luck drove into the same intersection as our target as the Hellfire struck. 

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“We were trying to kill a guy with a radio I’d found earlier in the day,” he wrote.

“He rode right through the blast and kept going.

“I watched a passerby load the bodies into a truck and drive them to a hospital.

“They are all dead.”


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Another drone operative recalled a strike that had targetted the home of a suspected Taliban radio operator.

“An old lady comes running out of the compound,” wrote the operator.

“She comes down on her hands and knees next to this dude and you can see the despair, she is pounding on the ground, hitting herself.

“She was on her knees next to this guy with balled fists out at the sky, shaking her fists at me.”

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