Video: Firefighters rescue dog trapped in icy Littleton lake, what you should do if this happens to you – The Denver Post

A few firefighters were heroes in Littleton this weekend when they saved a dog from a bad situation.

South Metro Fire was called to help at Sterne Park when a puppy got trapped in an icy pond.

The firefighter got the job done, lifting the dog out of the lake to safety. He and the dog were OK.

It’s not uncommon for dogs, especially off-leash ones, to adventure onto the ice. Experts say if they do fall in, do not go in to save your dog. Though this may seem like an acceptable risk to save your best friend, you’re putting your dog in more danger as well as endangering rescuers. This is because if you get stuck in the same situation your dog is in, the rescuers will have to save you first, which could be the difference in moments between your dog making it or not.

If this situation happens to you, here’s what to do:

Call 911: Firefighters are trained for this.

Find something to throw or reach: A branch, rope, or anything that can help your dog stay afloat. Dogs are pretty good at treading water.

Avoid making them swim: Don’t call your dog for a swim; preserve their body heat, and wait.

Hold back and follow directions: The experts know what to do.

Follow-up care: Even if your pal ends up OK, it’s best to schedule a visit to the vet just in case.

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