Violent nun slams screaming protestor WWE-style in mud pit during mad gathering

An angry nun has been videoed slamming a protestor into muddy ground in a move similar to a WWE superstar.

The mad moment, where the nun full-on barged into an ecowarrior at a construction site in France, occurred during a massive protest against the building of a new giant church. Protestors have been gathering outside and inside the building site in Saint Pierre-de-Colombier all week, chaining themselves to barriers and machinery in the hopes of stopping the new 3,500-seat church being built.

However, one of the nuns from the Missionary Family of Notre Dame appeared to be unwilling to listen to one of the group . . . and proceeded to spear him to the ground. Journalist Nicolas Ferro, from France's Channel 3, captured the moment, which was then posted on X by colleague Leo Chapuis.

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He wrote: “The good sister who dumps an environmentalist… a big spectacle in Ardèche where nuns defend the construction site of a future religious centre against activists who are blocking it because of the impact on the environment.”

Despite the violent act, the nun was supported by her own missionary. A spokesperson said: “Its members have not committed any act of violence; they have blocked violent and illegal actions, and have endeavoured to ensure that their rights, which were being violated in our home, are respected.”

One of the protestors, Pierrot Pantel, an ecological engineer for the National Association for Biodiversity, admitted that what they were doing was illegal . . . but didn't seem bothered. He told EuroNews: “Obviously, we're breaking the law by protesting on private land, but we're breaking the law because we're trying to prevent another offence, a much more serious one, because it's irreversible.

“It's absurd on so many levels. The building permit was obtained in a rather fraudulent manner, that is to say that false statements were made, which allowed the Missionary Family of Notre Dame, the project owner, to obtain its building permit.”

Local police chief Sophie Elizeon has called for calm between the two warring factions, while building work continues to take place.

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