Vladimir Putin opponent and actress involved in deadly horror car crash

A Russian actress who opposes Putin’s rule was involved in a horrific car crash that left one person dead.

Ksenia Sobchak, a former presidential candidate who ran against the current Russian leader, escaped the wreckage with a concussion.

But a 35-year-old fellow passenger was killed instantly and two others were raced to hospital in a life-threatening condition, according to RT.

Reports from local media say the deadly crash happened after the driver tried to overtake a bus by driving into the oncoming lane, but crashed head-on into a Volkswagen Polo.

Since recovering in hospital, the high-profile politico has spoken out on the attack to express her “horror and shock that people have died”.

But she pointed out that she hadn’t been the one to tell the driver to go faster and it was his "personal decision".

Russian cops have opened a criminal case into the crash, which took place on a mountain road in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi.

They say the driver has admitted it was his fault, but that he didn’t know it was Sobchak in the back.

Police said on Sunday that a criminal case had been launched over the fatal crash.

Sobchak, who is a prominent YouTube star and journalist, has been publicly critical of Putin in the past.

After the crash, she quickly got into another car and went to the airport to take a flight to Moscow.

She has since said she turned down hospitalisation immediately after because she wanted to be with her son.

The grim collision comes just days after the Russian navy flexed its muscles with a brand new fleet to mark the 69th birthday of president Vladimir Putin.

Its expansion will help give Russia control of the so-called Northern Sea Route.

The superpower is known to hold a tight grip on political dissidents and has previously played war games with rival nations.

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