War in space ‘inevitable’ as countries ‘prepare’ – expert issues terrifying warning

China: Chang'e 5's space probe collects moon samples

Earlier this month, China landed a spacecraft on the moon’s surface in the first mission to retrieve lunar surface samples in 40 years. The country’s National Space Administration said the probe had landed on the far side of the moon.

While the mission was to collect lunar samples, Professor Ram Jakhu, an expert in international space law and law and policy, warned the threat of the militarisation of space has “sped up”.

Professor Jakhu told Express.co.uk: “I think the militarisation of space has sped up recently.

“The countries are preparing for war in space.

“If space can be militarised, the moon can be as well.

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“But I don’t see that happening for a while.”

While he does not see the threat happening for a while, the space expert went on to say if a war breaks out on earth, there is a “possibility” it could go to space.

He continued: “If there is a war on earth, there is a possibility it could go to space.

“If there is a war in space, there will definitely be a war on earth because war cannot be confined by territory, this is nowadays.

“Say about 50 years ago, the wars were more territorial and to some extents they still are.”

But he explained how the world relies heavily on communication systems from satellites in space, which would be the main targets for a war in space.

He continued: “Wars fought on earth are helped by space.

“Space communication systems are very much part of activities.

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“If there is a war in space, it will have more effect because of the damage to the satellites.

“How many applications depend on space satellites?

“Communications systems, bank systems all of these rely on them.

“People don’t really know that.

“A war in space will be much more universal, much more damaging.

“People all around the world will be very much affected.”

Beijing’s latest space mission comes just months after they launched a spacecraft from the Jiuguan Satellite Launch Centre and returned it back to Earth after two days in orbit.

Little was known about the launch except it may have been testing a reusable spacecraft.

A brief report, published by the Chinese state-run Xinhua News Agency, provided a glimpse into the space mission.

Professor Jakhu previously warned all major powers pose a threat to a war in space.

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