War mad Putin offers soldiers £500 per kilometre of land they steal from Ukraine

Russia's despotic war mad President Vladimir Putin is so desperate to take as much of Ukraine as possible that he is now offering soldiers around £500 per kilometre of land they manage to steal.

The bizarre new campaign has been advertised in several areas of Russia in a bid to increase the size of his depleted army.

So far, he has lost around 700k troops, with around 70% of those being men injured so badly in battle that they can no longer return to the front line.

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According to Russian news outlet Meduza, the adverts were first spotted in Yaroslavl.

It appeared on the Telegram channel of Siberian news network Tayga, which the Daily Star has now seen.

One flyer states that a soldier will now get a sign-up bonus of around £3,000, with a monthly salary of £2,200.

And for every advance made into Russia, you'll be rewarded with around £500 per kilometre under the rules of “active participation in assault operations”.

It was also reported that officials in Novosibirsk had told anyone who owns an apartment to put the posters inside the complexes, while local schools were told to send the details out to all parents.

The campaigns were also found in Pyatigorsk and Kursk.

The post from Tayga news states: “The Novosibirsk Mayor's office sends requests to managing organizations of residential buildings to place advertisements for service in the army under a contract 'on bulletin boards at the front doors and at the entrances'.

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“This follows from a copy of the letter from the administration of the Central District of the city of Yarsolavl.

“The advertisement offers to participate in a 'special operation' in Ukraine.”

So far, Russia has lost around one fifth of what it managed to take from Ukraine early on into the year-long conflict.

According to the Study of War, Russia now controls around 40,000 square miles of Ukraine.

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