Watch – Explosion at gas pipeline near Russias St. Petersburg

St Petersburg : Huge fireball erupts after blast near Russian city

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Russia’s second-largest city experienced a large explosion earlier today. It is still unknown how it happened, and whether it was caused by a regular accidental fire or. was a targeted incident. Thick plumes of smoke could be seen coming from the Leningrad region of the city after the explosion. Locals and users on Twitter have been reacting to the video footage as officials are yet to come forward with an explanation for the blaze.

Thick grey clouds of smoke can be seen billowing up into the sky.

And flames continue to rise from the pipeline in the civilian part of the city amongst many residential houses.

A ball of flames can be seen erupting again as the fire intensifies towards the end of the video.

Leningrad Governor Alexander Drozdenko has said: “Firefighters and rescuers are extinguishing a fire that arose due to an explosion on a gas pipeline between Berngardovka and Kovalevo.”

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Users on social media have been reacting to the video.

@RonPaulSwede said: “It’s the damn climate change again…”

@ JohnMacCarren wrote: “And it’s beautiful.”

@ Hulk_Patriot commented: “They DESPERATELY want WW3.”

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@HouseOfLoredan said: “This is clearly an act of sabotage.”

@ConquistadorRaj added: “Maybe an accident. Ukraine won’t dare.”

@PushedMorgan commented: “Whether or not it’s an accident, Russia will probably use it to blame the west or Ukraine.”

@Grace_Horselady wrote: “Another Nordstream…”

Experts in the West have been warning that Putin may try to leverage energy against the West this winter.

As he has already leveraged food against certain parts of the world as it took some negotiation with the UN for them to allow grain exports out of Ukraine.

A NATO source said: “Sabotage is the next step if they want to escalate by attacking Britain’s critical energy infrastructure because we are so fragile. 

“And it’s no coincidence that Britain has been one of Ukraine’s biggest backers.”

The NATO source added: “

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