Well come, whatever they try Putins party ally threatens Paris AND Berlin invasion

Russian tank targeted by Ukrainian forces in Donbass

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The United Russia party member noted Moscow had succeeded in defeating both France and Germany in the past and is ready to fight again against the two European superpowers. Kartapolov insisted the invasion of Ukraine was a mere “introduction” to war as he said urged Russians to stand together with Vladimir Putin against the West. Speaking to Russia-1, the former Russian Army officer said: “For us, the special military operation is just the first act, an introduction.

“These wars are not the first wars – in the 19th century Napoleon, in the 20th century Adolf Hitler. And every time all of Europe came at us…the same thing is happening now.

“We have no right to make a mistake, it’s a good thing that a realisation is coming, it’s time to stop lying, stop lying to ourselves, stop lying to our leader, stop lying to our own people.

“It’s time to be responsible for our words, to be responsible for our deeds, and to move forward as one to the goal set by the Commander-in-Chief.”

He continued: “The Holy Scripture says, ‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again.’ 

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“There is nothing new under the sun. In the 19th century, we came to Paris, in the 20th century we came to Berlin.

“We’ll come wherever they try to enslave and humiliate us. You won’t succeed, expect us.”

The warning comes amid an intensification of hostile language among Russian state TV presenters.

Olga Skabeyeva this week conceded the so-called “special military operation” had effectively concluded to open the doors to World War 3.

Russian tank targeted by Ukrainian forces in Donbass

She said: “Perhaps the time has come to admit, possibly that Russia’s special operation in Ukraine has finished.

“In the sense that a genuine war has begun, what’s more, it’s World War Three.

“We’re forced to demilitarise not just Ukraine but all of NATO.”

And Evgeny Buzhinskiy, a former Lt General in Vladimir Putin’s army, warned last week Russia is now considering a nuclear strike on the United States.

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Buzhinskiy said: “We have only one target, the continental territory of the US.”

RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan asked: “If this rocket ends up over there in the worst-case scenario what kind of objects can it destroy?

“What kind of a territory?”

“If 7.5 megatons will be delivered to the territory of our so-called partner…then objects like the city of New York.

Buzhinskiy said: “A good city, but it would be gone.”

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