Wetherspoons boss warns of £10 pints as worried punters fear end of pubs

The controversial boss of pub chain Wetherspoons issued a stark warning to pubgoers that pints may soon cost as much as £10 thanks to inflation.

Tim Martin, founder of JD Wetherspoons, admitted that inflation is massively driving up the price of pints, and said that “there's no limit” to how high the price of a pint could go when asked if they may one day cost £10.

He begrudgingly admitted that a pint of beer will “quite probably” be at least £8 in the near future thanks to the soaring rates of inflation the UK has seen for the past few years.

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The pub chain owner toldLBC’s Andrew Marron his radio show today (Wednesday, June 21) that some brewers and pubs are even going as far as to dilute their pints in order to cash in on an “incredibly stupid” tax break.

“If you bring beer down to 3.4%, which is much lower than almost any beer you ever buy in the pub, you get a big tax break on the basis of the incredibly stupid reasoning that people will drink less alcohol if they drink weak beer,” he grumbled.

“Everybody at the moment, one way or another is struggling with inflation and rising prices, and some of the big breweries are diluting the alcohol content with their beers to avoid these charges."

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Punters were horrified to hear the news, and many quickly took to social media to express their disdain.

One social media user said that the news could spell "the end of pubs", adding: "It's too expensive as it is now."

Another said: "This, Ladies and Gents, is why all our good pubs are shutting down."

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While the government had hoped to cool inflation down in an attempt to stop the cost of living from rising, it was revealed today that its measures had failed and that the UK still had an inflation rate of 8.7%.

The UK has one of the highest inflation rates among developed countries, and this unbelievable rise has affected everything from everyday items, like food and petrol, to larger spends including mortgages.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the average price of a pint of draught beer has already soared by more than 8% since the beginning of the year.

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