What a billion dollars can buy

The Powerball Jackpot is now sitting at $1 billion. The next drawing will happen on Monday at 8:59 p.m.

“This is only the second time that Powerball’s advertised jackpot has reached $1 billion,” said Drew Svitko, Powerball Product Group chair and Pennsylvania Lottery executive director in a news release.

The news release also states that the odds of winning tonight’s jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas to get the ball rolling on how a winner can spend their prize money.

  1. There are a ton of private islands for sale. Most of them are running for under a billion. If a private island doesn’t scream luxury I don’t know what does.
  2. You can buy into the frozen pizza market, which is projected to be globally worth $17.29 billion. Investing is always a good idea.
  3. Want to throw everyone for a loop? With a billion dollars, you can buy nearly 8,000 used 2010 Honda Civics.
  4. As of right now, the Berkshire Hathaway stock is the most expensive sitting at $445,050 per share. If you didn’t like the frozen pizza idea, maybe this is more your speed.
  5. Colorado is home to many successful (and not quite as successful) sports teams. You can turn watching the Rockies from painful to profitable by nearly winning enough to buy the entire team for $1.385 Billion. 
  6. In Colorado, marijuana is always a safe investment. Starting up a dispensary can cost anywhere from $250,000 to $750,000.
  7. With your prize money, you can buy nearly 150 million digital subscriptions to The Denver Post. That’s enough for the entire population of Denver to have two subscriptions.
  8. While it’s not something you can buy, it’s worth noting that if you win, you’d be worth more than Broncos Quarterback Russell Wilson. Maybe you can take him out to a nice dinner.
  9. With your prize money, you and nearly 814,000 of your closest friends can hit the slopes with your Icon Passes.
  10. Of course, donating money is always a great option. On the Colorado Secretary of State website, you can find a list of different Colorado charities.

If someone wins from Monday’s drawing, it will be the second-largest jackpot in Powerball’s 30-year history. The largest was in October 2018 at $1.537 billion. 

The news release states that winners can choose to receive their prize in 30 graduated payments over 29 years or one full payment. The take-home estimate is $497.3 million, after a 24% federal tax withholding, according to Powerball.

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