What to Cook This Week

Make cottage cheese pasta, a spin on an Eastern European classic, or an elegant one-pan roasted fish with cherry tomatoes.

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By Sam Sifton

Good morning. I’ve got a taste for grilled baby back ribs with spicy peanut shake, with spicy coleslaw on the side and a classic birthday cake for dessert, with a cold glass of milk. It’s summertime! Fish are jumping.

Many can’t grill, though, and some will quail at the idea of baking on a warm Sunday afternoon. For them, perhaps for you: soy-glazed chicken breasts with pickled cucumbers (above) to slice and serve with flour tortillas, and mangoes with chile-lime salt to follow.

Or vegan tantanmen with pan-fried tofu? (“My gawd this slaps,” a subscriber noted below the recipe.) I could eat that dish for a month of Sundays.

As for the rest of the week …


Melissa Clark puts a modern spin on an Eastern European classic in this cottage cheese pasta with tomatoes, scallions and currants. The cinnamon sprinkle at the end is key, tying together the dried fruit and the juicy tomatoes.


Try Lidey Hueck’s elegant weeknight dinner of one-pan roasted fish with cherry tomatoes, and I bet it’ll slide into your regular rotation. I like it with couscous and a simple green salad dressed with a basic vinaigrette myself.


Here’s a new one from Ali Slagle for the middle of the week: a ground chicken salad with lemon-sesame dressing that’s a little like larb, with a celery crunch.


I like Hetty McKinnon’s latest, too. It’s a sesame cucumber and avocado salad that is great on its own, but I think would also pair nicely with some sushi-grade yellowfin tuna or wild Alaskan salmon, cut into slabs and planked raw over rice.


And then, to head into the weekend, you can make my version of spiedies, that great taste of Binghamton, N.Y. I like them made with venison best, but pork, beef, lamb or chicken works as well. Just plan ahead and get the chunks of protein into their marinade by Thursday at the latest, so the acids have time to do their work.

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