When is Diwali 2021? What happens on the five days of the festival?

Diwali: Indian city Ayodhya lights 300,000 lamps to celebrate

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Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is celebrated by many religions across the Indian subcontinent and has surged in popularity around the world too. The five days of Diwali are celebrated by prayers, fireworks, family gatherings, exchanging of gifts and feasts. Here’s a guide to the festival and its key dates for 2021.

Diwali is celebrated on the 15th day of the Hindu month of Kartik (the eighth month of the year).

This means it can fall in October or November as the dates change every year.

This year Diwali will start on November 2 and will end on November 6, with the main festival day falling on November 4.

The festival may have originated in India, but it’s increasingly being observed around the world today.

More than one billion people from various faiths are thought to celebrate this festival, according to National Geographic.

Across the five days of the festival there are a variety of celebrations, from fireworks, light displays, feasting with family, and dancing.

What are the key timings for Diwali 2021?

The festival is celebrated across five days, and each day is marked with a different types of celebrations- here are the five days of Diwali:

  • Dhanteras: 2 November, 2021
  • Choti Diwali: 3 November, 2021

  • Diwali: 4 November, 2021
  • Padwa: 5 November, 2021
  • Bhai Duj: 6 November, 2021

Day one, Dhanteras, is when families prepare for the festival by cleaning their homes.

Some also shop for gold or kitchen utensils, as this is thought to bring them good luck.

Day two, Choti Diwali, is when homes are decorated with lights, clay lamps and elaborate patterns drawn on the floor called rangoli.

Day three, Diwali, is considered to be the most significant day of the festival.

Families come together to pray to the Goddess Lakshmi. This is called Lakshmi puja, and is followed by feasting and fireworks.

Day four, Padwa, is the first day of the new year, when families and friends exchange gifts.

Day five, Bhai Duj, is traditionally celebrated by brothers visiting their married sisters, but nowadays other family members tend to be visited as well. During these visits, a lavish meal is shared.

When is Diwali 2022?

The date across which the festival falls changes slightly every year.

Next year the day of Diwali is expected to be held on October 24.
But in 2023 main day of the festival should take place around November 12.

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