Wife of Brit POW Aiden Aslin heading to UK amid death penalty fears

The wife of Brit volunteer Aiden Aslin, who has been captured by Russian forces in Ukraine, is reportedly moving to the UK to be with the rest of his family.

Aiden was forced to surrender along with the rest of the Ukrainian 36th Marine Brigade unit when they ran out of ammunition and food after being cut off the besieged city of Mariupol.

In a harrowing Russian propaganda video, Aiden looking drained and had a nasty-looking gash on his forehead as was quizzed about his combat service.

Aiden's father Andy Wood said: “It looks to me that Aiden is being made to say things under duress. He's being used for propaganda. It's not how he normally speaks."

“There's nothing I want more than to have him home,” Mr Wood added.

At one point in the video released by Russia ’s defence ministry, Aiden says: “Diane, my wife, I want you to know, I love you. I hope the British Government is able to push this prisoner exchange through so I can return to you and we can build our life in Britain”.

Mr Wood, says that Ukrainian-born Diane is currently in Hungary, but was hoping to travel to the East Midlands soon.

He told the Daily Mail that the family had heard from relatives of pro-Putin politician Viktor Medvedchuk.

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Medvedchuk has been captured by Ukrainian forces while he was trying to cross the border into Russia, and his wife Oksana has made a direct video appeal to PM Boris Johnson for his release.

Oksana suggested that the jailed politician could be swapped for Aiden and fellow Brit Shaun Pinner, who was also captured while serving with the Ukrainian marines.

Mr Wood says that over the weekend he had been contacted by the Medvedchuks’ son Bogdan Marchenko who was hoping he could help arrange the prisoner swap.

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During the Russian propaganda video, Aidan was accused of being a mercenary and threatened with the death penalty.

Reacting to the threats, he said: “I can't think of any good logical reason other than to spare my life and exchange it for someone that's in Ukrainian captivity that could return to their family.

"I think that would be one of the good reasons to keep me and exchange me for someone such as Viktor Medvedchuk so he can return to his family”.

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