William and Kates photo fail shows they are tone deaf, royal expert claims

A royal expert has accused Prince William and Kate Middleton of being "tone deaf" following their trip to the Caribbean this week.

News.au columnist Daniela Elser has hit out at how she thinks the couple "failed" as they visited countries once controlled by the British Empire.

She pointed out how, during their trip to Jamaica, the photo of the couple standing and riding in the very same Land Rover that the Queen and Prince Phillip first used in 1962 was "tone deaf" and "deeply uncomfortable" in her opinion.

She wrote for news.com.au: "But, rather than revamping or offering any real innovation in the way that working HRHs go about connecting with the people of the Commonwealth, this week we saw William and Kate being driven around an official event at a Jamaican defence force training ground in the same ceremonial Land Rover as the Queen and Prince Philip first used in 1962.

"What was meant to be a touching gesture instead symbolises everything that was wrong with this tour. The sight of a white royal couple being driven around like something out of an Evelyn Waugh novel while military personnel of colour stand to attention strikes a deeply uncomfortable note."

Elser outlined how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge failed to use the tour as a watershed moment where William apologised for the atrocities caused by Great Britain in the Caribbean.

Instead, the expert pointed out, William acknowledged the issue of slavery in a powerful speech without apologising for it.

Elser added: "William and Kate, you have failed.

"This was really crystallised on Wednesday night when William gave a speech at a state dinner in the Jamaican capital of Kingston and spoke about the 'appalling atrocity of slavery forever stains our history'.

"'I want to express my profound sorrow,' he told the dignitaries at the black-tie event. 'Slavery was abhorrent. And it should never have happened.'

"While it was powerful stuff, he failed to say the one word that really mattered and the single, solitary word that people hoped he would have the backbone and moral gumption to utter – sorry."

The royals were also slated for their entirely "predictable" tour, with royal aides simply blowing the "dust" off of the old tour books and giving it a "zipper social media strategy".

"All Kensington Palace’s aides seem to have done when it came to planning this week’s itinerary was to haul down the leatherbound ‘Royal tour 101’ volumes off the shelves, blow off the dust and spice things up with a zippier social media strategy.

"Bish bash bosh! You’ve got a 2022 royal tour! Now, who knows where Kate keeps her SPF50?"

A spokesperson for William and Kate has been contacted for comment.

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