Woman almost dies from a stroke after greedy seagull swooped down on her chips

A woman who suffered a stroke after the swooping of a seagull caused her to drop her fish and chips from her underwent a medical procedure to save her life.

Helen Corns, 84, was on holiday in Bridlington when the seagull intervened with her food which led her to get more before she began to fell ill, HullLive reported.

She began to suffer symptoms of a stroke as her face started to droop, and her speech began to slur.

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Helen was then rushed to hospital where she underwent a procedure called a "mechanical thrombectomy" to restore her brain function and save her life.

In a stunning turn of events, Helen was discharged after just one day in hospital and suffered no lasting neurological damage from her stroke.

Helen said: “If I’d been taken to another hospital that didn’t do this procedure, maybe I wouldn’t have made it. But they were absolutely wonderful and I know how lucky I am.

“I didn’t even realise anything was wrong until they got me in a chair. I heard someone say they were calling for an ambulance and I remember thinking ‘What for?’

“I don’t remember arriving at the hospital but I remember them taking me upstairs and telling me what they were going to do. All I could think about was my brother, who we’d lost to a stroke just a year ago.

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“But then, in no time at all, I was back on the ward, phoning the rest of my family to tell them I’d had a stroke. They couldn’t believe that I was talking fine to them, although I wasn’t allowed to get out of my bed at first.”

Hull University Teaching Hospitals, which manages Hull Royal Infirmary, has been offering a Regional Mechanical Thrombectomy Service since 2018 and has been labelled a "Lazarus procedure" as its able to reduce the risk of long-term disability, and in some cases, death.

Dr Paul Scott and Dr Hamed Nejadhamzeeigilani led the team who treated Helen and the latter said: “We are glad to see her improvement following the thrombectomy procedure and pleased to hear that she was able to continue with her holiday.”


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