Woman arrested for running dog fighting ring as 18 animals to be put down

A woman is facing charges after she was accused of running a dog fighting ring, as 18 fighting canines were found in her home and are now facing being put down.

Brandi Lacha Dobbs, from Floyd County, Georgia, US, was charged with 18 felony counts of dog fighting and according to her arrest warrant, she had several dogs in her home that she intended to fight.

Floyd County Animal Services told Channel 2 Action News that 22 dogs were found inside Dobbs’ home in Lindale, Georgia.

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The organisation added that 18 will have to be euthanised because they were intended as fighting dogs.

WSBTV reported that it remains unclear what will happen to the remaining dogs and why they are not considered part of the fighting ring.

Brandi was arrested at the beginning of 2021 when police busted her with less than 1oz of marijuana. She was stopped on a traffic violation and also had a small amount of ecstacy on her, she was relased on a $5,700 (£4,600) bond.

It comes as fears that illegal dog fighting is on the rise in the UK as panic grows regarding the number of XL bully-related attacks on members of the public, according to the RSCPA.

Barbaric dog-on-dog death matches were banned in the UK 200 years ago, but now authorities have warned that they could be seeing something of a resurgence.

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Online, various Instagram breeding accounts with thousands of followers have shared footage of their XL bullies training, jumping high and grabbing onto sacks hanging from trees, glorifying and celebrating the physicality and aggression of the dogs.

And at the extreme end of a culture of dogs being celebrated for their violence and physicality is the horrific reality of cage fights.

The RSPCA reports that between 2015 and 2020 it received more than 9,000 reports of organised dog fighting.

Earlier this year, the organisation reported that the number of dog fighting incidents had been on the rise, with 1,156 cases of dog fighting having been tackled since 2019 as of July this year.

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