Woman asks husband to suck her hair in vacuum cleaner for perfect ponytail

A celebrity trainer has left fans in stitches when she asked her husband to "suck her hair" in an incredible hairdo fix up.

TV personality Tiffiny Hall, from Australia, recently jumped onto a TikTok trend to tie a "perfect ponytail" with a vacuum cleaner and enlisted her radio host husband Ed Kavalee for help.

Posting on her Instagram, she asks Ed: "I want you to suck my hair into the vacuum cleaner."

The 42-year-old dad turns to their son, Arnold, who is in charge of the video setup, and shakes his head.

"This is going to go terribly. It sounds like this is my retirement video," he adds.

Their son couldn't help but asks his dad: "Why do you want to suck her hair?"

With no time to explain, Tiffin turns on the machine and instructs her partner on the "perfect ponytail" hack.

Ed places a black scrunchie on the end of the vacuum nozzle, and proceeds to suck her blonde tresses into the tube.

When he pulls it out, the hair comes out perfectly, as if it's been straightened, and he quickly slides the scrunchie to the hair and secure it as a single, slick ponytail.

Impressed by the quick trick, Tiffiny says: "There you go! That was pretty easy, that worked. That's your best pony yet".

Viewers seemed to approve Ed's hairdo skills and said he should come out of retirement.

One wrote: "Ed is clearly a natural hair stylist and shouldn't deny his true destiny."

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Another asked: "Thanks for the laugh! Do you do home visits Ed?"

Some gave advice to Ed on improving the skills but others were put off by the tools.

"Why would you want all the dirt from the vacuum on your hair? Yuk." a viewer gave her honest opinion.

A second said: "Just needed to double loop the scrunchie."

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