Woman beaten to death with metal pipes in horror attack as people hide in terror

A woman has been beaten to death with two metal pipes in a horror attack that took place inside an office building, leaving people hiding in terror.

The unnamed victim, who was 31 years old, was attacked by a 48-year-old man on Wednesday afternoon in Philadelphia, USA.

According to police officers, the woman was struck at least five times in the head with two metal pipes that were about two feet long and one inch wide.

She was caught by surprise as she was sitting with her back turned in the reception area.

Sources told local news station, Action News, that the motivation behind the attack was an ongoing rent dispute between the perpetrator and the victim.

Police confirmed that the suspect was renting one or two properties on the eighth floor of the building where the victim also worked.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector, Scott Small, said: "We know that they know each other. We believe there may have been some arguments or problems in the past, however, we are still working on that information."

Officers said they received about 20, 911 calls reporting the attack.

Investigators also added witnesses did not appear to intervene, but the victim did try and defend herself.

Chief Inspector Small added: "She had defensive wounds on both of her hands."

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When the cops arrived on the scene, the suspect was seen getting out of the lift covered in blood and was holding a bag carrying the two pipes likely used in the assault.

He was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning.

Chief Inspector Small said: "It was definitely a very violent, tragic incident."

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