Woman finds missing cat hanged with washing line from tree in neighbours garden

A woman whose cat went missing has found the animal hanged from a tree in her neighbour's garden by a washing line "which had been knotted purposely."

The "utterly despicable" killing took place in Wythenshawe, Manchester yesterday, June 21.

The RSPCA told the Daily Star they are "looking into" the case.

A woman posting on behalf of the cat's owner on a local Facebook page said that she was keen to spread the word about what happened "before this happens to someone else’s cat."

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"My friend's 10-year-old, neutered cat has been found hung this morning. He was missing last night and unfortunately was discovered this morning," she wrote.

"He was found in the neighbour's garden with a washing line hanging him from a low tree branch, which had been knotted purposely.

"If anyone has any information or CCTV which may have picked up on anything suspicious in the area it would be greatly appreciated.

"Let’s get the word spread before this happens to someone else’s cat."

Responding to speculation that the neighbour's may have been involved, the woman said: "I don’t think so, it was the neighbours that found the poor cat and let my friend know."

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One Facebook user responded to the heart-breaking post, saying: "How utterly despicable. I’m so sorry."

Another added: "OMFG why would somebody do something like that."

A third added: "Omg how horrific, I'm so sorry. The poor owners must be absolutely distraught to know that this was done their beloved cat.

"I really hope they catch the sicko that has done this to an innocent cat."

The Daily Star has contacted the RSPCA and Greater Manchester Police for more information.


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