Woman horrified when apartment stairs are taken away leaving her trapped

A woman says was left baffled and "stuck for hours" when the stairs to her apartment were removed.

Olivia Crump, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, US, filmed a video of builders working next to a gaping void where the stairs to her apartment apparently used to be.

In a TikTok video, she told viewers there was no warning the stairs would be replaced and it was the only way in and out of her apartment.

"When your apartment removes the stairs without warning and you're stuck for hours," she wrote.

Although the video seemed lighthearted, Olivia commented: "These complexes run by huge housing companies just mess with people's lives and get away with it because people need places to live."

She told Daily Dot: "We were stuck for nearly four hours until the worker finally told me I could come down, and me and my dog hopped on an unfinished step so I could let her outside."

Olivia added: "They did this on two buildings that I know of and no one has heard a peep from them.

"I have no plans to pursue legal action although I’m sure I could because they were definitely causing a fire hazard.

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"I do think it’s more than fair that they give us some form of compensation for putting us in a dangerous situation without warning, but it doesn’t seem like they plan on doing that."

The video was watched just under 2 million times since it was uploaded on December 27 and people were split between finding it hilarious or worrying about fire safety.

One person joked: "I can't come into work today because my landlord has taken away my stairs."

But someone else said: "As someone who has fallen through invisibly rotten stairs at least they fixed the problem before someone got hurt."

Another viewer reckoned Olivia must have had another way set of stairs indoors, but she replied and said the exterior stairs were the only way to leave.

She wrote: "This is definitely the only way to exit my apartment, the building is pretty old!"

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