Woman lives after being shot in the face when caught in crossfire of shootout

A Ukrainian refugee who moved to the US miraculously survived being shot straight through the nose when she drove through a gang shootout.

Katie Guzenko, originally from Ukraine, is living in suburban Portland, Oregon and was driving to pick up silverware for a bridal shower when a bullet pierced her window, and her nose.

Guzenko, 27, an HR specialist at Amazon, said it took an ambulance 20 minutes to reach her as the wound poured out blood after the incident on July 20.

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Police said she was caught in the crossfire after two gunmen standing on the opposite sides of the street. The force thinks the shootout was gang related.

“I kept driving, hoping to get out of that area … next thing I know my face is profusely bleeding,” Guzenko said, explaining her thoughts after she heard the initial shots.

However, moments later a bullet pierced her passenger window, went through her nose and out the driver side window.

Miraculously, the young woman was able to pull over and call for help.

“My family there is reaching out to me to make sure that I’m OK, when they’re the ones in a war zone,” she said of her loved ones back in Ukraine, dodging Russian artillery fire.

A day after Guzenko’s brush with death, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler declared a state of emergency over gun violence.

In a video call with officials, Guzenko called out the mayor for lip service.

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“These wounds that you see on my face is the result of a 40-caliber bullet that punctured right through my nose,” Katie Guzenko told Wheeler and members of the City Council on Wednesday, August 3.

“Mayor, given that you’ve called us a gun violence emergency, I feel like very little is being done," she said.

The mayor replied that he did not want to “bulls*** people” by over selling what the city intends to do about the scourge of gun violence.


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