Woman realises husband is evil killer wanted by cops weeks after marrying him

A woman who unknowingly married one of America’s most wanted men has spoken out about her horrifying experience.

Margie Danielsen was in a bar when she met a “charming” and “very good looking” bloke, who introduced himself as Sean Paul Lanier.

Little did Margie know her hot date was actually a twisted killer by the name of Paul Steven Mack, who was wanted by cops for the killing of two young women.

The mum of three, who was 37 when she met the sadist, had been dating him for a year before she agreed to wed him, reports news.au.

But after just weeks of their union, a panicked friend rang Margie and told her she had spotted Paul on an episode of America’s Most Wanted.

“How could he live with me and my daughters knowing that he had killed two other girls that look like my daughters and practically the same age,” Margie told US Oxygen crime documentary Charmed To Death .

“I’ll never understand it,” she continued.

After finding out the true identity of her new husband, Margie decided that instead of confronting him, she would investigate.

“I remembered he’d told me he worked at Marion Country Club,” she said, explaining how she called them and pretended to want an employment reference.

“They told me they’d never heard of a Sean Paul Lanier, Sean Paul Lanier had never worked there.”

After finding two social security numbers in her lover’s wallet, she saved a glass with his fingerprints on it and handed it in to police.

Evil Paul would eventually go on to be convicted of first degree murder in 1998 – 11 years after the 1987 murder of Karen Winslett, who he had lured to his lair by claiming he was shooting a beer advert.

After his true identity was revealed, Margie realised that she wasn’t the only one who had fallen for his devilish charm – Paul had been married seven times previously.

Margie wrote a book about her experience called Tainted Roses: I Married America’s Most Wanted.

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