Woman suspected of killer mushroom poisoning had creepy death wall in house

A woman suspected of killing three people with poisonous mushrooms had a sinister "death wall" in her home.

Erin Patterson, 48, denies intentionally killing three of her in-laws in a suspected mushroom poisoning, while a fourth man who consumed the meal remains in a coma.

A tradesman has since come forward and claimed they removed disturbing graffiti from the interior wall of the home in Korumburra, Australia, after Ms Patterson and her estranged husband separated.

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It is believed she and Simon Patterson had lived in the home with her two children before deciding to sell up and move to pastures new, when an eerie discovery was made.

The unnamed tradesman has since revealed a task he was handed at the property, claiming to have removed creepy graffiti on the property, which fetched £276,000 ($545,00AUD) last year.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the bloke said pictures of gravestones and creepy scribbles in the theme of death and destruction were found.

"We called it the death wall," he said of the sinister markings which were "disturbing" and had been drawn with black and red ink.

He continued: "They were done by their (the Pattersons') daughter. It is pretty disturbing for mum to let the kids draw on their dining room wall."

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Horror finds continued the further the tradesman went on, with two tombstones and daggers featuring on the wall alongside a decapitated head and the quote: "You are dead by the sword."

Another scribble had "August 1, 2021" written on it, and underneath the seemingly innocuous date were the words "you will die within a year".

The unnamed tradesman said also it took six coats of paint to fully remove the grim markings and sketches, allegedly from one of the children of Erin and Simon.

Simon's parents, Gail and Don, died after eating the beef wellington, as well as his aunt Heather also, while Heather's husband, Ian Wilkinson, is currently in a coma.

Ms Patterson has denied any wrongdoing and told police she too was unwell after eating the meal, while her ex Simon accused her of poisoning his family.

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