Woman touched after being handed a note in the street by grieving stranger

A woman who was handed a card from a complete stranger was left "touched" and "emotional" after reading what was written inside.

Tammi Bennett from Barry, South Wales, was out walking on January 16 when she was approached by a random woman in the street.

During the brief encounter, the stranger handed Tammi an envelope, told her “have a lovely day”, then walked off.

After peeping inside she found a £10 note and a heartbreaking handwritten message explaining the touching reason for the gesture.

According to North Wales Live, the note explained that the stranger, who signed the card "Jason's Mum", had delivered the card on what would've been her son's 28th birthday.

Jason's mum said her son had sadly passed away from SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death In Epilepsy) – which is when a person with epilepsy dies suddenly and prematurely.

The writer explained that she had just one request- that whoever received the card bought a birthday cake with the money enclosed.

Jason's mum wrote: "My son loved Birthday cake, actually he liked most cakes.

"Please buy a cake and enjoy it with your family, cake is good any day of the year, not just on a birthday."

The note signed off with a poignant reminder: "Family is so important, spending time with family is such a precious GIFT!"

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Tammi revealed she had been having a ‘bad day’ before the note, but after reading the mum’s touching tribute she was left “emotional”.

Sharing the story on Facebook, she wrote: "Really made me emotional, and made me realise not everyone knows how lucky they are to have family who they can spend time with.

"It’s amazing what this lady is doing, keeping his memory alive by doing such a selfless deed to random people like me on the street, really cheered me up."

Tammi also shared a picture of a birthday cake she had bought for Jason, writing: "We did indeed buy a cake, shared it with the family and wished Jason a happy 28th birthday."

The Facebook post has since been shared by thousands on social media, with many sending Birthday wishes in Jason's memory.

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The post has even reached Jason's mum, who has been in touch with Tammi to thank her for honouring her son's memory.

Although she didn't wish to be named, Jason's mum shared with North Wales Live that he sadly passed away in January 2020, at just 25-years-old as a result of SUDEP.

She hopes to raise awareness of SUDEP as it affects approximately 1 in every 1000 people with epilepsy and its cause is currently unknown.

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