Woman who performed oral sex on dog was caught by ex-boyfriend at random

A woman who performed sick sex acts on a dog was discovered only when her ex-boyfriend “randomly” found the video.

The unnamed man from Michigan told police he had installed cameras at his home for security purposes.

But while he “randomly” reviewed the footage, he was disgusted to find a six-minute video of his now ex sexually abusing his dog Max in his living room.

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Abuser Brittany McClure, from Michigan, US could now face jail for the offence, which occurred on July 1 but was not reported to authorities until August 1.

Detective Philip Collop revealed at McClure’s arraignment that the video showed McClure “lying on the living room floor on a mattress with a blanket”, Fox 2 reported.

The detective said: "She opens the blanket and calls the dog over. She is heard saying 'good boy'."

According to court reports, Lt. Frank Canning was also quoted describing “plain as day” sexual abuse, in which McClure allegedly “perform[ed] fellatio on their dog named Max” and attempted to get the dog to “reciprocate”.

Canning suggested the defendant had “an interest in fetish stuff that was seen on the internet.”

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Cops claim that McClure admitted to the crime when confronted about it, but the defendant allegedly said this was the only such incident.

According to Law & Crime, the felony of sodomy of an animal carries a possible conviction of up to 15 years in prison.

McClure has also been charged with cruelty to an animal, a misdemeanour.

Her bond was set at $100,000 and a probable cause conference is set for August 21.

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