Women send details of AWOL husbands to military chiefs so theyre conscripted

Scorned women whose husbands and partners have left them are sending the awol men's details to military chiefs so that they are called up for service in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in is in the midst of calling up anywhere between 300k and 1 million men to the army as his "special operation" in Ukraine stutters.

And it has been revealed that jilted lovers and angry exes have been helping him somewhat.

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“Immediately after Putin’s speech, the idea came to me: if my ex-husband goes to war, we would be paid back because he will get official payments into an account that can’t be hidden [from the courts],” one such woman told the investigative outlet Verstka.

Irina, who was “young and stupid” when she married her deadbeat ex, said she is in an online groupchat of similar women doing the same thing.

“We get together in a chat and support each other, sharing experiences and information. Right now there are about 70 people,” she said.

“I will go [to the military commissar] and hand over his personal information. I want them to take him,” she said. “It seems to me that he won’t be able to handle military action: he doesn’t have enough training or strength."

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And Irina, who divorced her husband when alcohol trouble took hold, said that the child may even benefit if her ex dies in action.

"Of course, I’ve thought about how I’d feel if he dies there. But my son and I already haven’t seen or heard from him in 12 years, although we live in the same city … So if they do kill him, it will even be good: the child will be compensated," she said.

And she learned that the alleged childcare payment dodger even took out a loan in her name, leaving her in debt.

At least three other women interviewed by Verstka said they’d made the same decision.

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