Worker found snake wrapped around toilet after sitting down and hearing a ‘hiss’

A massive snake spoiled a worker's morning toilet trip by letting out a "hisssss" as they sat down.

The staff member got a further shock when he looked down to find the beast coiled around the loo's base.

Fortunately the reptile appeared uninterested in the man who was able to immediately hop off the toilet seat distressed, but most importantly unharmed.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 were called out to the office building's bathroom in southern Queensland, 7News reports.

Snake Catcher Stuart McKenzie who runs the pest control company, shared news of the alarming encounter a colleague responded to on Sunday.

He told the firm's 275,000 Facebook followers about: "Wowzas, this is crazy.

"Heather just attended a call this morning where a staff member at a local business sat down on the toilet at the start of their shift and suddenly heard a hisssss.

"They turned around to see a 5 foot (about 1.5 metres) eastern brown snake curled up around the base of the toilet.

"We responded ASAP and headed straight out and relocated the snake elsewhere."

Facebook followers expressed their horror at the idea of discovering an eastern brown snake joining them for their alone time on the bog.

One wrote: "I would have had a heart attack."

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Another joked: "Great cure for constipation"

A third commented: "Burn the house down."

Stuart has become the star of a new National Geographic TV show following him and his team in action.

The programme titled Aussie Snake Wranglers gives an inside glimpse into life responding to calls of snakes and other reptiles found in homes and businesses.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 one of the biggest and busiest snake catching company's in the world, with Stuart claiming to relocate thousands of snakes each year.

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Tony Harrison, from Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher, last year told 7News that eastern brown snakes were most likely to be seen when the temperature in Australia picks up, in mid-to-late September.

But Stuart says that the image of a snake clinging onto the toilet proves they do not pose much of a threat unless confronted.

He added in the Facebook post: "Just shows that snakes want nothing to do with you, they also would prefer not to watch you go to the toilet."

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