World War 3 fears: Biden ‘not man enough’ to stand up to China, claims expert

Joe Biden: Expert discusses plan to ‘put pressure’ on China

In his first days in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden has undone many of the legislation enacted by his predecessor Donald Trump. Under the Trump administration, the Republican slapped hefty import tariffs on Chinese goods, straining their relationship.

Mr Biden pledged to end Mr Trump’s “isolationist” approach to Beijing but also said the US must remain “tough with China”.

The Democrat also accused Beijing of intellectual property theft and said he wants a unified diplomatic strategy to pile pressure on the Communist nation.

Mr Biden also plans to step up criticism over its treatment of Uighur Muslims, which has sparked anger in the Communist nation.

This week, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned Washington against starting a “new Cold War” and told Mr Biden to abandon the anti-China rhetoric used by his predecessor.

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However author and emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent Frank Furedi has argued Mr Biden will not be “man enough” to stand up to China.

Mr Furedi told “I think the problem that America has had for a long time his that it’s capacity to pursue its geopolitical interests has been a very disoriented one.

“If you look back over the last three or four administrations, from their point of view, they have made on mistake after the other.

“I think that the State Department and the different institutions of state that have got to do with geopolitical issues are not particularly up to speed with the projection of power that it needs to have.

“I’m not even sure Biden can man up for this particular task.

“China is very clear on its direction, what it wants and needs to do.

“The US is far less clear.

“There is more talk and little action.”

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Mr Furedi went on to say how it is “entirely possible” President Biden will give in to demands from China but depends on what they were.

He continued: “It is entirely possibly that Biden will not be able to… I don’t think Biden will explicitly or self-consciously give in, much more likely looking the other way, trying to maintain the impression that they are tough and equal partners.

“Whilst at the same time making concession on a number of issues.

“It all depends on how the other issues pan out.

“At the moment, the US foreign and geopolitical policy is very fluid and they haven’t got the resources to fight on all fronts.

“I would imagine giving the domestic nature of politics, there will be more pressure on Biden to step up.

“He can step up and deal with the economic threat of China.

“But thee other hand there is a lot of pressure on him to demonstrate to Russia that America rules the word.”

Mr Biden has already triggered the ire of Beijing authorities with his new Cabinet picks.

Figures such as the Director of National Security nominee Avril Haines and Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen raised eyebrows in Beijing with their vocal critics of Mr Xi’s regime in recent weeks.

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