World’s bravest jogger runs through wildfire and puts flames out with his feet

A jogger has been filmed trying to put out wildfires with his feet on a live television broadcast.

Marathon runner Trevor Murphy was out for his routine morning run at McDowell Mountain Regional Park near his Scottsdale home in Arizona on Friday when he was caught by a local news channel trying to put out the flames on the fire-ravaged trail.

Footage captured from a news helicopter shows Trevor, who is in black running shorts and trekking shoes, running dangerously in and out of the burning bush.

With no fire extinguishing gear, Trevor is trying to put out the fire and contain it in an area by building a fire break.

A live news commentary says: "We believe this is a lightning-caused fire and we're out here shooting video for the news.

"And we look down and we see this guy running around. He's basically down there trying to build a fire break with his trail running shoes.

"We saw him running through the ashes and the hot part, I can't imagine how tired that guy is."

Trevor kicks the dirt into the fire in bids to put out the flames and steps on the fire to stop it spreading.

A news anchor comments: "This guy has no idea he is the star of the show this morning."

In an interview with CBS-affiliated channel 3TV, Trevor said: "I'm out on that trail mostly every day.

"It was kind of working in one direction and I felt like it was already pretty under control.

"I just wanted to make sure it didn't cross the trail and head north towards Tom's Thumb.

"No one was out there and I felt like I could do my part, what little help maybe I did."

Trevor said he had been putting out the flames for two hours before the news helicopter spotted him, but his heroic effort came with a price.

"The soles of my shoes are melted [and I have] lots of singed hair," he explained.

The fire in the McDowell region burned through some 600 acres of land and is 80% contained.

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