Worst Christmas trees of 2021 – from half eaten fir to lifeless scaffolding

Cities and towns across the country do their best to help pick up people’s spirits and fill them full of festive cheer through Christmas decorations and most importantly, the tree.

Now many people get the tree just right but there have been quite a few this year that may see festive organisers placed onto Santa’s naughty list.

This year, trees from regions all over the UK had us cringing as the traditionally light switch on made locals dismayed.

From the 'damaged in transit' look to the 'sorry we ran out of light art installation', we look at those trees that made us all feel like scrooges.

The 'worst Christmas Tree in the North'

To be told you are the “worst” is a very strong statement, especially when a Yorkshire council managed to get half the job right.

The Christmas tree at Bailiff Bridge's Memorial Park, near Brighouse in West Yorkshire is actually a decent looking tree, if only they had finished the job.

Health and safety at Calderdale Council put a stop to decorating the tree so it is practically naked.

Instead of lights all around, you bizarrely have just two rows at the bottom.

Speaking to the BBC, conservative councillor George Robinson said: “We've had a torrid year with Covid and lockdowns, we just want a Christmas tree to enjoy.

"It's a shambles, the worst Christmas tree in the North."

‘£1,000 for that?’

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Christmas trees can be expensive but they do say that you pay more for quality.

However, Grimsby's entry into the 2021 trees of shame is "underwhelming and depressing" according to locals.

The 10ft Christmas tree outside Riverhead Square in the Lincolnshire town is artificial but looks out of place among the silver railings and a little underdressed, reports GrimsbyLive.

It has since come to light that North East Lincolnshire Council spent £1,152 in the attempt to bring Christmas spirit to the town.

However, locals will be happy to know that the council used a voucher from a 2019 competition called "Revive and Thrive", so it only cost £152.

Bad tree made worse

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Locals in a Merseyside village spoke out about how bad they felt about their initial tree after they branded it a “beanstalk'', according to the Liverpool Echo.

However, Sefton Council listened to the people of Birkdale village and replaced the tree in a display of people power.

Unfortunately, the tree has been replaced with one that is “even worse”.

Both were surrounded by a wooden fence with the first reaching a decent height but the second is so small half if the tree is covered up.

Hopefully, next year will be the third time’s the charm for Birkdale village.

Don’t know whether to laugh or be angry

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Locals in South Wimbledon, London, did not know whether to laugh or be furious with Merton Council over the oddly-shaped miniature.

According to MyLondon, the tree is much smaller than previous years and looks overgrown, angering many locals.

One commented: “I’ve had bigger trees in my front room!”

While another said: “I can’t stop laughing,” as another branded it “pitiful”.

Councillor Nigel Benbow, of Abbey Ward, said: “This is beyond a joke, and insulting to our local community in South Wimbledon."

Oh Christmas scaffolding

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The people of Cardiff were not in the festive spirit after trade group BID FOR Cardiff erected a metal Christmas Tree.

The structure was branded “lifeless” and compared to “scaffolding”, reports Wales Online.

Positioned at Cardiff's Central Square, the tree was savaged by locals online.

Ashley McGill joked: "Absolutely stunning. What a fantastic piece of work. When will it be ready, Xmas 2025?"

Ross Taylor said: “Well it suits the surroundings. Cold, sterile, lifeless, all design – no feeling,”

Where is the rest of it?

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Usually the crown jewel of Christmas trees in the UK, London’s Trafalgar Square tree has been branded an embarrassment.

The tree, which comes from Norway, is usually one where visitors and Londoners come to stand in awe.

However, this year it looks like the tree had a rough ride in transport with some of the branches looking worse for wear.

According to the Daily Mirror, social media users called it “half eaten" and “hungover”.

The tree was rumoured to get replaced but Oslo Council decided against sending the UK a new one, despite the embarrassment.

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