Worst prison break as tubby inmate gets stuck in wall as guards watch on

An inmate nearly pulled off the perfect prison break – until his belly got in the way.

Rafael Valadao attempted to climb through a hole in a bid for freedom from jail in Ceres, central Brazil, but became lodged in the opening.

Prison guards watched on laughing as firefighters came to free the portly prisoner, who, at 16st, was too large to fit through the small hole in the wall he and his co-conspirators had made.

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A local fireman told the Telegraph at the time: "He has a very large physique, and is also very tall.

"The other prisoners tried to push him but he stayed stuck in the wall. He started screaming in pain, and that was when the prison guards were alerted."

Valadao's unfortunate mishap meant two fellow prisoners also hoping to make a run for it were left trapped inside, the Daily Mail reported.

However, one lucky escapee managed to make it through the gap in the wall before Valadao took his turn, with authorities left to search for the missing inmate.

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The four had made a plan to escape on December 5, 2012, using a metal shower pipe to create a hole in the wall of their cell.

The two prisoners still waiting to break free had attempted to push Valadao through the wall, but their efforts were in vain and the fire brigade arrived around 2am to free the failed escapee.

Valado was later taken to hospital under police protection with a suspected broken rib.

A police spokesman said at the time: "He was screaming with pain when help arrived.

"He seemed to have underestimated the size of his stomach."

Valadao had originally been arrested for theft, Officer Alexandre Alvim told Jornal Populacional.

Following the ordeal, officers discovered a suitcase full of clothing that they presumed the then 28-year-old prisoner had packed in preparation for his jailbreak.

The one successful escapee reportedly managed to fling a bag of clothes over the fence to collect afterward.

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