WW2 row explodes as Poland demands €1.3trn Not a German colony

Russia 'should pay compensation to Ukraine' says Mularczyk

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The Deputy Speaker of the Polish Parliament has erupted at the German government’s refusal to hand over €1.3trillion (£1.1trillion) in reparations for Nazi Germany’s crimes in Poland during World War 2. Poland has made a formal request to Berlin for compensation which has been rejected out of hand by the German Government, leading to an escalating diplomatic row. Małgorzata Gosiewska, from Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party, has levelled a brutal swipe at Germany’s position in an interview with Express.co.uk and warned the Polish Government is not willing to back down over reparations.

Ms Gosiewska told Express.co.uk: “We have absolutely every legal right to ask for compensation. The Polish state has never legally dismissed the compensation, the Polish Foreign Office recently sent a note to Germany about this.

“We will never give up on this. 

“We are not a German colony and we will never allow ourselves to be treated like one.”

Ms Gosiewska recalled how the Polish capital Warsaw was reduced to rubble by the German Army, as countless cultural artefacts were looted and destroyed, and ordinary Poles were massacred or forced to work as slave labour. 

Ms Gosiewska told Express.co.uk: “We are speaking from Warsaw, a Warsaw that was annihilated, the aim was for the city to never again stand up, it was the heart of Poland that was aimed to be destroyed.

“There was no one left in the city but the Germans continued to destroy every house, and every building one by one just to completely destroy it.

“Works of art were stolen and any monuments that were left were destroyed. 

“Poles were not just tortured, not just killed, just shot those who survived were brought to camps where they had to work for German companies, so their work profited the German companies – some of whom are still operating to this day in Germany.”

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Poland lost as much as seventeen percent of its pre-war population during the Nazi occupation in World War Two.

Germany has maintained that Poland’s claim to reparations was abandoned in the 1950s by the then-communist government in Warsaw, something strongly denied by the current Polish Government.

The German foreign ministry argues the country has already paid a total of €74 illion in reparations since the end of the war, with 29 billion of that earmarked to Isreal for victims of the Holocaust.  

Warsaw in turn has threatened to take its case for reparations to all “international forums” – including the United Nations assembly.

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Deputy Foreign Minister Arkadiusz Mularczyk has now sent further notes to world leaders in a bit to pressure Germany into agreeing to sit down with Polish officials to negotiate a deal.

Mr Mularczyk sat down with Express.co.uk in Warsaw to explain how Germany’s image globally could suffer if Berlin continues to snub requests from Warsaw for historic redress.

He told Express.co.uk: “This issue is very important for Germany’s image.”

The minister added: “So we start our international campaign, we are trying to inform international society about our position. We are looking for support because this is not only an issue between Poland and Germany. This is a global issue this is about human rights, the rule of law.”

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