WWE star Doudrop loses no sleep over just awful social media trolls

WWE ’s new sensation Doudrop insists she loses no sleep over online trolls – and says she’s in awe of how some of her co-stars handle it.

The 30-year-old Scot, who had wrestled as Piper Niven and Viper for much of her career, is making a real name for herself on Monday Night Raw.

Her rapid ascent has seen her go from performing on the UK independent circuit to starring in a marquee match at the recent Crown Jewel event.

She became just one of a handful of female stars in WWE to get the opportunity to wrestle at the Saudi Arabia show when she battled Zelina Vega.

Her meteoric rise hasn’t come without its pitfalls, however – not least online trolls who saw fit to criticise the star performer’s weight and look soon after her Raw debut.

She quickly fired back at them and isn’t one for taking suffer fools, as was clear in an interview with Daily Star Online recently.

Rather than dwelling on it, the cheery Ayrshire native insists she actually fares far better than some – citing her colleagues Eva Marie and Charlotte Flair as examples.

It’s helped her realise the abuse is far from specific to her. She explained: “I actually very rarely get negative Tweets to be honest with you.

“When I looked at the Tweets I was getting compared to, say, the Tweets Eva was getting – it’s night and day.

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“That woman plays her part so well and takes everything in her stride with ease, and some of the things people say to her are horrendous.

“I thought I had a lot of the wrestling fans’ support, and Eva, she is so gorgeous, she has the ‘Superstar’ side of it, and then we have Charlotte who is both!

“She’s such a good sports entertainer and she’s a supermodel, and she still has [online abuse].

“It made me realise that it’s not me. Sometimes people are just awful and that’s how it is.”

A former star in WWE’s NXT UK brand, Doudrop now appears weekly in the States on their flagship red brand show.

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Clearly at ease in her prominent role, she added of those who seek to derail her mood with unpleasant: “I don’t let it affect me because – and I don’t mean this to sound conceited – generally, everybody loves me! And if you don’t love me, then you don’t know me.

“So it’s fine. You’re just a friend I haven’t met yet!

“I think sometimes people think it just comes with the package and I really don’t think it should be like that – we are regular people; we have families we go home to, and we have feelings.

“For some people it can be a lot… I just hope that everybody learns something and goes ‘that didn’t make me feel better and didn’t make them feel better’, and just don’t do it.”

Doudrop joins the stars of WWE in hitting the UK later this month as part of a multi-date tour of live events across England. For more details visit wwe.com

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