Young politician pictured wearing T-shirt with Nazi swastika on it apologises

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A teenage politician who was pictured wearing a T-shirt with a Nazi swastika on it has apologised.

The photo of 19-year-old Rosie Diamond came to light last week when she beat a Labour Party candidate by 10% of the vote and won a seat on Briton Ferry Town Council in Neath, South Wales.

She claimed that the top made notorious by punk band the Sex Pistols was a "provocative" and "anti-establishment" statement, and was given to her as a gift.

Rosie said she now regrets wearing it and says she only kept it because of her love for the band.

However, she argues it's "incredibly naïve to absorb the image at face value" without looking at the reasons why it was printed onto the T-shirt in the first place.

She told WalesOnline: "I wholeheartedly apologise to anyone I have offended with this T-shirt and would denounce anyone who would believe in what the shirt stood for.

"I regret ever owning this T-shirt and I was young and wore it for no other reason but because it is the official merchandise of my favourite band."

She added: "I wore this particular T-shirt maybe two or three times before displaying it on my bedroom wall for a few weeks as I thought it was provocative and anti-establishment.

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"I don’t even have it anymore. In this context, the swastika has not been used with hate, I wore it only for the reason that it was punk as it was the image I was going for.

"The punk movement is well known for being anti-authoritarian, promoting diversity and abolishing racism and hate, it’s the bread and butter of the genre. The Sex Pistols have written songs regarding abortion and the monarchy and have no connections to hate or discrimination," she said.

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"In my opinion, it’s incredibly naïve to absorb the image at face value and not do any further research into why the symbol is being used on the shirt.

"I’m not associated with Nazism in any way and I believe the Holocaust is the worst thing to ever happen to humanity."

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