YouTuber who made his dog fly by tying helium balloons to it arrested

A YouTuber who made a video of himself making his dog "fly" by tying a number of helium balloons to it has been arrested for animal cruelty.

Gaurav Sharma, who made a video and shared it on his YouTube channel, is seen with his pet dog Dollar at a park in Delhi, India, in the horrifying clip.

The poor pooch is then seen with several balloons tied to it before he lets go. The animal is then left suspended in the air for brief moments as the YouTuber and his mum cheer on.

Not long after the video was shared on YouTube, it was pulled down after complaints by animal rights organisations.

A complaint was lodged against Mr Sharma at the Malviya Nagar police station in Delhi after members of People For Animal (PFA) found the video.

According to Atul Thakur, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) (South), police received a complainant from Gaurav Gupta belonging to the PFA.

"The complainant alleged that a person by the name of Gaurav Sharma had made a video where they were seen to have tied their pet dog with helium balloons and later they let loose the balloons thereby making the dog fly in the air and hence, risking its life."

A case with the charges of animal cruelty has been lodged against Gaurav Sharma and his mother under Sections 188, 269, 34 of the Animal Cruelty Act.

"Accused Gaurav Sharma is a resident of Panchsheel Vihar in Malviya Nagar. He told that he is a YouTuber and he made this video for that purpose only," Thakur added.

He said that further investigation into the matter is now underway.

After deleting the original video, Sharma later released another video on his YouTube channel clarifying why he had to delete the previous video and apologising.

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He claimed he took safety measures before making the video.

In the apology video, reportedly shared before his arrest, Sharma said: "I got influenced by videos from abroad and I deeply apologise if anyone is hurt looking at the video of Dollar.

"I will never do this again and would request others to not get influenced by this act."

He went on: "I love my dog Dollar a lot and would want everyone to look at the moments I share with Dollar ever since I brought him to my house."

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