Blair is the puppet master pulling Starmer’s strings – and that should worry us

Tony Blair explains ‘unforgivable politics’

One of the knocks on Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer – despite his massive lead in the polls – is that nobody really knows what he stands for and would do in government.

But actually, for those who have been watching closely, Starmer has already answered the question – and he only needed one word.

He was recently asked: “Davos or Westminster?” He answered: “Davos”.

So what?

Well, that one word encapsulates a whole political philosophy and also reveals who is the true power behind the Starmer leadership – the former Prime Minister Sir Tony Blair.

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To sum up, Westminster is shorthand for the UK Parliament, the mother of parliaments which has been copied around the world, a place where people are directly elected, and the government comes under careful scrutiny.

Davos, a town in Switzerland, is shorthand for the World Economic Forum (WEF) – the coming together of centre-left politicians, billionaires and the world’s elites where they formulate policy without scrutiny to be imposed around the world.

In policy terms, Davos stands for central control, forced ID cards and surveillance, globalist institutions over national democracies, anti-developments like Brexit, pro-lockdowns and much more.

It takes power even further away from the little people and assumes that the elites know best and it loves wokeness.

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Davos’s young persons programme has produced notable leftwing leaders like Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden.

Now a leading light and set to take over from the WEF’s founder Klaus Schwab as chairman is Sir Tony Blair.

Not surprisingly when the WEF last met, Starmer was keen to go over – the joke was he was attending to get his instructions, but was it a joke?

Of course, Blair, already a member of the WEF’s board, was there making the case for centralised digital libraries of everyone’s vaccine records.

For the man who championed ID cards in the UK, it was not a surprising assault on individual privacy and liberty.

Blair was also the shadowy presence when Trudeau hosted Starmer and other centre-left leaders recently in Montreal at a conference called Global Progress.

At that gathering Starmer expressed his preference for Davos and also his desire to tie Britain into EU rules – Blair would have approved and probably discussed it with him.

But evidence of Blair’s influence over Starmer and others does not stop there.

For those of us who have attended the Labour Party conference in Liverpool this week the fingerprints of the former Prime Minister have been very evident.

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (its globalist agenda is in the title) had a whole theatre to itself and ran a lot of events under the title Britain’s Future.

Leading frontbenchers like shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy and shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper attended its meetings to outline policy which the institute helped to shape.

Quietly, the Tony Blair Institute has become the richest and most powerful in Britain and one of the biggest in the world.

Its budget dwarfs those of all the right-wing think tanks put together and it is recruiting top-level politicians like former Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin.

Labour has appeared to be a policy vacuum, but one MP told “If you want to find out the next manifesto look at the work being produced by the Tony Blair Institute.”

Was it surprising then that Lammy chose to reveal the nugget at a TBI fringe event that under Labour the UK would join the EU’s security pact (aka an EU Army)? No. Another project Blair was keen on when he was Prime Minister.

But how far are the Blair tentacles wrapped around Starmer?

Well, one of the main people whispering advice in the Labour leader’s ear is Lord Mandelson, a key figure in the Blair government, still known as the Prince of Darkness.

According to sources he has been responsible for telling Starmer to reveal as little as possible on policy.

At a conference this week was invited to a dinner where Mandelson was the guest of honour.

But beforehand he had the guest list checked and journalist names removed.

The desire for control and keeping out of the spotlight of accountability is as strong as ever.

Then look at the recent reshuffle of the shadow cabinet by Starmer.

It was noticeable that he brought in Blairites, mostly EU Remainers to fill key positions.

Perhaps the best example is Pat McFadden, who is Labour win will run the Cabinet Office, the central machine of government.

McFadden, a Blair loyalist and fixer is now in charge of drafting policy as well.

But what does this all mean for the UK?

Essentially, the gains made by taking back control with Brexit will be lost before they are really fully embraced.

The globalist agenda of the Blairites is to hand power to foreign institutions including the World Health Organization (WHO) on health, the EU on security and military, and even more to the UN on human rights.

Policy will not be developed among activists in the party or in the corridors of Westminster but a Swiss resort for the rich and powerful.

There are likely to be more military interventions, not less. The UK will start to unpick Brexit and allow others to design its tax and regulations. The cashless society will be promoted. Our rights as individuals will dwindle.

We will have a Prime Minister taking instructions from a self-selecting elite chaired by a former Prime Minister who has abandoned accountability.

So, when Starmer speaks today he will be saying the words but the real voice will be the puppet master behind him.

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