Hooded mob armed with flags storm Tory conference shouting abrupt chant

A group of protesters paraded through the Conservative Party’s Manchester conference venue clad in hoods and red masks, with pictures capturing the bizarre scene.

Footage shows hundreds of people walking past the city venue over the weekend, clutching red flags and banners protesting the party.

The crowd was heard chanting “victory to the working class” as they walked past, with banners bearing slogans like “f*** the Tories” and “Guy Fawkes had a point”

The protesters reportedly hailed from the Young Communist League and were not the only people marching in protest on Sunday, October 1.

The group was relentlessly mocked by people online, with dozens of commenters on X, formerly known as Twitter, drawing on the protesters’ unusual dress.

One user said: “You lot don’t speak for the people.”

Another added: “I doubt a single one of them has ever done an honest day’s work in their entire lives.”

Another user responded with some words of advice, saying: “If you want to be taken seriously do it without the mask and hat.”

Ex-Wandsworth Borough Councillor Nick Longworth added his voice to the chorus, saying: “Are we meant to be scared of you?”

Others were more supportive, with one commenter saying: “Beautiful! Awesome!”

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