Union behind rail strikes joins forces with charity supporting illegal migrants

Mark Harper warns train strikes are political

Links between one of the militant unions which has caused misery across Britain for months with rail strikes and a charity opposing efforts to stop illegal migrants coming to Britain have been exposed.

Express.co.uk has seen a circular sent by ASLEF, which represents train drivers and has refused to cut a pay deal with rail operators, to all its branches and equality reps.

The note signed by union general secretary Mick Whelan reveals that ASLEF’s Bame (black and minority ethnic) Representative Committee will be hosting a fundraising event for the leftwing Care4Calais charity on October 18 in London.

The event is open to all ASLEF members at £5 a ticket and with entertainment from BAFTA award winning poet Big Scoop, music by DJ Foxxy and a Carribean buffet.

Tory MPs claim that it proves that the strikes are part of a wider leftwing agenda to attack Britain and the Conservative government.

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Dudley North Conservative MP said it was a huge irony that ASLEF have made so much effort preventing from people travelling legally but are now supporting those travelling illegally into Britain.

He said: “It seems that Aslef are more concerned about people travelling illegally across the Channel than the travelling public that ultimately pay their wages. They don’t care about working class people.

“Everything we know about Labour and the Unions that bankroll them is that they are resolutely pro-immigration, illegal or otherwise.

“This is a message that people out there should really think long and hard about. Aslef is just one Union.

“It is really no wonder that a Conservative government has had trouble implementing the Rwanda plan when the Remainer, leftwing establishment as a whole wants completely open borders and unlimited immigration.”

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Earlier this month, Transport Secretary Mark Harper said that holding a strike to coincide with the start of the Conservative Party conference proved they were politically motiviated.

But Tory backbenchers are particularly angered with ASLEF’s support for Care4Calais which has been behind a number of legal challenges to the government on controling illegal immigration.

Most recently it went to court to prevent illegal migrants being housed on the giant barge Bibby Stockholm moored in Portland near Bournemouth.

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt, deputy chairman of the influential Common Sense Group of Tory MPs, said: “If ever we needed evidence that todays militant trade unions are becoming political vehicles to promote agendas very separate from the day to to day concerns of their members here we have it.”

Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith, chairman of the Blue Ciollar Conservatism Movement, said: “Not content with disrupting members of the public with their greedy demands, we can now see they also have an agenda to people who would see us having open borders.

“Not only do they not represent working people – they also pose a threat to their access to schools, doctors and housing. These strikes aren’t about protecting pay and conditions, but are instead about attacking the government and the British public.”

Stoke North MP Jonathan Gullis, who is leading attempts for the UK to remove the European Court of Human Rights’ powers over illegal migration to the UK, added: “ASLEF should spend less time supporting organisations that the Charity Commission have criticised, and more time keeping the trains going and rebuilding public confidence in our public transport.

“This again shows militant unions like ASLEF are only interested in party politics and open borders, and couldn’t give a damn about how their strikes are hurting the British people from going about their lives, as well as causing unnecessary economic damage to the nation.”

Express.co.uk has approached Care4Calais and ASLEF for comment.

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