Blood-soaked boy lucky to be here after being impaled by fence in horror fall

An eight-year-old boy is "lucky to be alive" after he was impaled on a spiked fence, said his distraught mum.

Adie Morris, 29, was left in "complete shock" when her son, Teegun Williams, fell from a pillar outside a church in Treorchy and landed on the spike on September 4.

The injury saw the metal pierce 2.5cm into Teegun's skin and damage his kidney – but Morris didn't realise what had happened until her son walked home by himself and showed her the vast amounts of blood on his back.

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Morris told WalesOnline: "He came home and he's quite clumsy anyway so I said, 'What have you done now?' and then he turned around and I nearly fainted when I saw all the blood on his back.

"I panicked and was shaking – it was horrific. So much crossed my mind and I was in complete shock. He was clammy, really white, and shaking – he thought he was going to die."

Teegun was rushed to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital before being transferred by ambulance to Noah's Ark Children's Hospital in Cardiff, where he stayed until Friday, September 9.

The boy needed a CT scan and doctors began matching him to possible blood donors in case he needed a transfusion.

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Luckily, the procedure wasn't necessary and while the boy was having trouble breathing, medics determined this was likely caused by shock.

Teegun did require an operation to clean the wound and determine the extent of his injuries. He was treated using dissolvable stitches and wound closure strips.

Miraculously, the youngster is expected to make a full recovery and didn't suffer any permanent damage from his fall.

Morris said: "They told me he is so, so lucky that he has no permanent damage and didn't bleed out.

"For now he will have to have physiotherapy for his breathing as he wasn't filling his lungs properly and also physiotherapy to strengthen that one side because the muscle has gone weak where it was impacted by the spike."

The mum added staff at Noah's Ark were "in awe" of Teegun's bravery as the sprog "let [doctors] crack on" with his treatment.

Morris has now spoken out, warning other parents of the dangers of spiked fences – and said as "kids will be kids", it's up to carers to be vigilant.

"The more I drive around the more I see this kind of fencing and think 'kids will be kids' and if one of them climbs and falls it could be catastrophic.

"I reported the fencing to the council because it is dangerous and I think it shouldn't be there at all.

"You don't realise it's a danger until something like this happens to you so I posted what happened on Facebook.

"After my post someone told me they had just seen three kids climbing a fence just like it so they showed my post to them and they immediately got down – that's exactly what I wanted."

A spokesman for Rhondda Cynon Taf council said: "We can confirm we have received a report relating to this incident and council officers will investigate this further."

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