Cops to probe Alex Batty about nomadic life as efforts to find mum continue

British teenager Alex Batty, who vanished six years ago, is set to be interviewed by police about his "nomadic" lifestyle.

The boy, from Oldham in Greater Manchester, was 11 when he vanished while travelling with his family in October 2017. He hadn't been seen since but has now returned to his home city having landed back in Manchester last night accompanied by British police officers.

It is thought he spent his days in a "spiritual community" at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains in France, alongside mum Melanie Batty, 43, and grandad David Batty, 64, who were suspected of abducting him to live an "alternative" lifestyle in Morocco before that.

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The trio have also lived in Spain, and last Wednesday, Alex, now 17, was found wandering along a country road in France near Toulouse, carrying his skateboard. Having now been reunited with his grandmother and legal guardian Susan Caruana, 68, British police are keen to learn more about what happened to Alex during his time with his mum and grandad, The Mirror reports.

The teen told French police he decided to leave his mother after she planned to move from their base in the Pyrenees to Finland. He claimed his grandad passed away half a year ago, but French reports say Mr Batty might still be around.

  • Alex Batty lands in UK six years after being 'kidnapped' by mum and grandad

A Toulouse police officer said: "The boy claims that his mother has gone to Finland to see the Northern Lights, so the search for her is continuing across Europe.

"If she did travel to Finland, then she would absolutely have needed a passport. This would make tracing her journey relatively easy. The British are now leading the investigation and they of course will be interviewing Alex at length. His mother is crucial to the inquiry and she needs to be found."

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