Mum who waterboarded baby and stuffed him in freezer to spite dad jailed

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    An evil and spiteful mum has been sentenced to just 30 days in jail after 'waterboarding' her baby and 'stuffing him in a freezer'.

    Sharday McDonald of Gresham in Oregon, US, carried out the wicked and cruel actions on her son to "test the loyalty" of the child’s father and to see "if he gave a f***". The child survived the brutal attack by his own mother but an expert said "it could have killed him".

    McDonald's abusive actions were uncovered after police were called to conduct a welfare check on her Portland-area home in October 2021, after receiving a report that a woman in the residence had put a child inside a freezer. When police arrived, McDonald was screaming at the child’s father, Kendrick Neal, on the phone.

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    According to a probable cause affidavit, the police heard the 30-year-old mum yelling: "I’m about to show you real quick. You don’t want him?… Let me show you about this little f***ing baby, I don’t f*** give a f*** about."

    But as soon as the officers knocked on the door, McDonald quietened down and stop screaming and shouting before opening the door while holding her son in a blanket. Once the dad arrived on scene, police then reviewed images showing the abuse to the child.

    The officer who arrested McDonald said that it appeared the baby was trying to hold his breath as water was being poured down his face and over his nose. A paediatrician also reviewed the images and said it was very likely that the child had struggled to breathe and that it could have killed him.

    According to local Portland, Oregon, ABC affiliate KATU, McDonald told the officer she had done this to the child “out of spite.” She allegedly told police after her arrest she had done these things to her son to “test” the father and to see if he “gave a f*** at all.”

    McDonald was charged with two counts of criminal mistreatment in the first degree plus reckless endangerment of an individual. She plead guilty in July 2023 to first-degree criminal mistreatment and has been sentenced to 30 days in jail.

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    In addition to the 30-day jail sentence, McDonald will be on supervised probation for three years. It is unclear whether she has been prohibited from contact with her child altogether or on a limited basis.

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